I am way behind on all the outfit and inspiration posts I had planned (like WOAH Spring Break behind), so in a weird compromise with myself, I'll just post what I wore today.
I was inspired by tan and neutrals, military uniforms, and schoolboys. Also, the clothes that weren't in the laundry.

(J.Crew shirtdress worn as top, Target shorts and tie, mom's old espadrilles, random socks, gift 4 necklace, family shirt pins)
And I found myself a DIY project for the weekend:

And I'll be catching up (WOAH Spring Break WOAH) soon...




Just a little homage to my new bunny ears...

The Olsen Twins via zoofashion.blogspot.com

Natalia Vodianova wearing the Louis Vuitton ones in Russian Vogue.

Naturally, Lady Gaga has some.

Maison Michel adds a veil...

And they debut at Topshop.

Finally, proof that dreams do come true.

In his own creation, via jadorefashionblog.

Now, excuse me, I have to go put mine on.



More on Hair

Two posts in one day? This is what spring break does to ya, kids...

You can see the gray tones a bit better here-- but it's mostly white blonde.
And of course, what I wore today:

(striped sweater: Martin + Osa, white shirt: uniform supply store, tie: Target, shorts: cut-off Diesel, socks: J.Crew, shoes: Clark's Wallabees)

These are my new silver perforated leather Wallabees. Now, I'm someone who is repulsed by the fact that everyone at school seems to wear the same shoes, but... I saw some classic Wallabees at school and I really liked their shape, and when I saw these babies on Ebay I knew they were perfect! So I gave in, but these are still pretty individual.
That's all for now, folks.


Bleach Blonde

I've been wanting to do this for a long time, but yesterday I bleached my hair!

You can't really tell in these photos but it has a weird gray tint that I love.
Still getting used to it, but I'm really happy!
Also, from the pre-blonde days, I went on a short trip to Nashville. Lots of vintage shopping and eating. Yum.

I was going for a 50's tourist thing. (shirt: vintage Lacoste, jeans: sister's, shoes: mom's old Ferragamos, sunglasses: Forever 21, Diana camera)

(I enjoy standing in showers with good lighting)

(striped top: Russian sailor via Imogene and Willie's, dress: T by Alexander Wang, shoes: mom's, belt: J.Crew)
I have a bit of a striped shirt addiction (I brought 4 on this 2-day trip) and I picked up this new tanktop version at an amazing shop called Imogene and Willie's. It's in a gorgeous old gas station. All the clothes there have a story, which is why I loved it so much (my top was sold to them by some Russian sailors). They have a very refined selection of clothes, and they oppose labels so there's a lovely simplicity to everything. They also customize Levi's for anyone on a set of old sewing machines in the back of the store. I was a little bit obsessed.

(shirt: cut-off Marc by Marc Jacobs, skirt: BCBGeneration, bunny ears: Easter present)
The Easter Bunny knew I had been after the Topshop bunny ears for quite awhile and I found these little lace babies in my basket! I'm smitten with them, despite the looks of pity I got while wearing them the day AFTER easter.




I'm sorry for (more) absence, but it's been ridiculously busy-- between the crew team, marine biology expeditions, and ughSCHOOLugh my poor little blog was ignored. Of course, I followed all the fashion weeks, I just spend more time reading other blogs than using my own... Perhaps I'll do a little recap of my favorites later on.
It's a gorgeous day, so I decided I'd take a quick break from doing "homework" (lying in a lawn chair) to document a little change...
Pre-Spring weather:

(dress: T by Alexander Wang, jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs, belt and socks: ?, shoes: cowboy boot warehouse, sunglasses: Forever 21, crazy eyebrows: Star Trek)

OKREALQUICKSTORYTIME: Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ruby who was in the basement of a thrift-y place. She saw a gray t-shirt sticking out of a box and so, considering her fondness for gray t-shirts, she pulled it out. Then she saw that the label said T by Alexander Wang, had a brief heart attack, fell on the floor, kissed the shirt(dress), did a little jig, and bought it for two dollars.
Ahem, back to the post...

Spring weather:

(shirt: Grandfather's, jeans: Abercrombie, bow and socks: Forever 21, shoes: Mom's)

A little denim-on-denim-on denim inspired by Chloe S/S 2010.
Now, back to my very important lawn chair...



Because I didn't like you enough already

Ya know, just a quick reminder to the world of the sheer greatness of Marc Jacobs.

The Marc Jacobs collection was nudes and vintage, almost office wear sort of things but made WAY awesomer. Also, some giant furs. And socks pulled up to the perfect awkward height above the ankle, which I love. Proof that Marc Jacobs is secretly reading my mind. After all the insanity he showed last season, it almost seemed like her was wiping his palette down again, but everything was so detailed and beautiful and managed to often be simple(r) without being boring.


Look at all those sheers and cozy-looking sweaters and wonderful socks but all done in different ways--in my mind it's something like goth, grandmother, and sensible work woman all gone Jacobs-style.

My favorite look from the collection! It's so mystical and elegant and lovely.

And the Marc by Marc seemed like something a younger version of the girl from the Marc Jacobs show would wear. Or that she would wear on the weekends.

The suiting especially references the Marc Jacobs collection. Also, same socks!

Mmmm, the lace! So pretty.

"Oh hey guys, you like my awesome polka-dotted top? Oh, you know what's even better? THE MATCHING PANTS WITH RUFFLES."

Also, I'd probably like to marry this guy from the menswear part of the show. Or at least have his hair.

In short, MARC JACOBS.

Plus, this is the most stylish Olympic snowboarder ever.

I don't know why his picture is so little, but he's wearing a floral jacket. Well USA, you just lost the sartorial gold medal to Japan.

photos courtesy of style.com and vancouver2010.com





(tutu: Kaiya Eve, tissue paper bow: me, bodysuit: Topshop, tights: sister's, boots: random cowboy boot outlet in Texas, black sweater: J. Crew)

Hope everyone had a lovely day!