Well, hi there. I have been quite busy with play practice and all, but I'm trying to squeeze in some blogging time...
It's finally feeling like fall! Hurrah! I'll miss you though, summer. I will celebrate by posting my favorite Vogue editorials of the seasons, woo-hoo.
Vogue Paris Juin/Juillet 2009
"Love Makes the World Go Round" by Bruce Weber and Carine Roitfeld
Not my favorite because it has super-high-fashion-inspiration-ness, but because the models genuinely looked like they had a good time, which, especially in summer, accounts for something, right? Also, in some pictures the model is wearing a fake butt, earning them major credit for making something so wrong look so cool.
pictures on lexposure.net

Well, I must be off, so part 2 (FALL) will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat (noooot) for later... But yay fall! That also means Halloween, and I am going to be... (drumroll)
KARL LAGERFELD! I am so excited! And, I called Martina a couple of days ago and she's going to be Karl too and we didn't even plan it! Telepathy! (Cue Twilight Zone jingle) I absolutely adore Halloween, I mean, dressing up and candy? How could it get much better? Ah, yes, I guess we could ride unicorns that made pleasant little bows for me to wear.