Hey. I haven't been able to blog because, uh, unicorns took me into a cave and feasted on my brains while we glued sequins to dresses and drank tea. Yup. Actually, I had mounds of homework to work through... Bleh. The former sounds like much more fun, though so I'll go with that. No homework tonight though! Happy Yom Kippur! Thanks, teachers, thanks. (Noooooot.) I mean, really, all this work leaves no time for blogging or watching videos of runway shows. PRIORITIES! Seriously, today during study hall I was reading October's Vogue and the Nylon Street Style book.
Well, other than that I had an alright weekend. How about you? Good? Good.
What I wore Saturday...

(mariner shirt: Captain Corsaire in Laguiole, France, pants: BCBGeneration, sequined belt: sister's, bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, shoes: F Troupe, bow: H&M)

My friend and I found these shirts at a tiny store in an even tinier town during our amazing trip this summer. Then, on the plane ride home I picked up June-July Vogue Paris and the shirt was all over in it! Aren't I such a little trend predictor? I take your eye rolling as a whole-hearted YES. Also, this same friend bought me this bag at the Marc Jacobs Stuff Store on Bleecker St. (in New York, duh) for only 5 DOLLARS! YAY!

Saturday night we had a school dance, which was surprisingly fun until almost everybody left for another party. Yeah. High school sucks, right?
(mini dress/top: Collective Concepts, leggings: handmade from Dot Fox, boots: some random shoe outlet in Texas where real cowboys actually buy shoes, clutch: Target, black lipstick: MAC)

Yes, I wore black lipstick. I, unlike my dad who called it goth, really liked the look. I am a dork and smiling while wearing it, thus making things much less goth. I also repurposed an old necklace, which deteriorated over the night and ended up looking rather nice.
(bracelet: broken old necklace, typewriter key ring: handmade from The Makery, gold ring: my great-great grandmother's class of 1911 ring)

And Sunday... I wasn't feeling that inspired, but I did have fun taking pictures.
(blazer: Nautica Boys, shirt: Ralph Lauren, skirt: BCBGeneration, shoes: vintage, bow pinned to shirt: me, glasses: Urban Outfitters)
I had a fun afternoon off today, shopping for these so-called "basics" that people need, like jeans that aren't plaid. I will share pictures tomorrow... That was quite a post.
photo credit (in order): my sister, my mom, me


I go to every game

Monday. Blarg... but, today was the long-awaited Team Day I mentioned in my last post! My Team Marc shirt turned out splendidly.

(Team Marc shirt: me, cheetah print minidress: Collective Concepts, bow: Forever 21, leggings: Target)

I was thinking of making more for Team Karl, Team Rei, Team Yves, and whatnot. If you're interested, e-mail me (happy.puff@gmail.com). Just bought myself this minidress/top on regular tall people and I love it! I thought the cheetah was reminiscent of the A/W 09 show, and the bow was very much like his latest collection. Plus, I can't resist bows. I also wore these shoes, my one and only beloved pair of Marc Jacobs.

My weekend thrifting expeditions went well, unfortunately no pictures because the camera was traveling with my parents. Here's the little masterpiece I scored for $6.95, though.
(sequined sweater: thrift, leggings: Target)
Tried on some very scary 80's jumpsuits and an old Girl Scout button-down in semi-terrifying thrift store. This sweater thing was calling my name, and when I brought it home I found out that it has silk lining. Uh, sweet deal.

My mom also brought me back a gorgeous pair of black pants and a black bandage skirt from BCBGeneration Max Azria, where she went on her trip, but since I am not a SPOILER and plan on wearing them tomorrow, I won't put up the photos yet. All in all, new clothes+stomping in the mud with my friend+cookie dough= AWESOME WEEKEND! Yup. Well, tomorrow is Decade Day, so seeing all the 80's workout getups should be a smidge more entertaining than football jerseys. Still better than a uniform. Paz fuera, amigos.



I have actually some time to blog now, considering it's a three day weekend. Apparently teachers were not aware that it was FASHION WEEK, and homework becomes obsolete compared to gazing at photos of Marc Jacobs's shows. This is what I'm talking about, people! Inspired.

Marc by Marc Jacobs-- Ok, pattern mixing has been everywhere this season, but admit it: you love it. Marc manages to make you look like a tastefully insane grandmother. Ummm, plus giant bows and glasses? Stop reading my mind.

Hi there, Marc. I quite like you. I got to go to the Marc by Marc show in 2007 and it was frackalicking FANTASTIC. And, at the end, Marc Jacobs came out wearing a kilt. And, I saw Lynn Yaeger who had the same shoes as my mom. Sorry about that. Story time is over.

Marc Jacobs-- I completely loved every look in the collection. Really. Could you wear an Einstein? Nope. Could you wear a Marc? YEAH! (It was hard just to pick a few favorites to put up...)

Alrighty, thus far this post has been rather stalkerishly devoted to Marc Jacobs. To up the creep factor a little, next week is Homecoming/Spirit week which means we can whatever we want in the confines of some crappy theme. Monday is Team Day, in which you are supposed wear jerseys for your favorite team, but considering my lack of sports knowledge... (I volunteered to go to my sister's field hockey game yesterday and spent the entire time reading New York Magazine. When the game was over I asked, "Wait... did they lose?" Yup.)

I AM GOING TO BE TEAM MARC! It will be amazing, but I am not a spoiler... so more to come later.

In other news, here's what I've been wearing lately--oh wait, did I mention? My school has this delightful little thing called a uniform. Barf.

(white polo and kilt: uniform store, blazer: Nautica boys, bow: Forever 21, necklace: gift, shoes: Liberty Fabrics for Nike) Thanks to my sis for the slightly shaky pic.

Yeah. I've gotten in trouble several times, twice for not wearing socks (REALLY? What kind of rule is that?) and once for wearing an argyle sweater. I like to think that I find loopholes in the rules so that I don't get a detention, but half of it is probably sheer luck. The blazer is really intended for boys, but look who's doing some gender bending! Aren't I bad? Also, the other day, I watched My Little Pony clips when I was supposed to be doing homework. Juvenile delinquent.

I've got a big day of vintage shopping and thrifting planned for my day off tomorrow--yay! And when I said improvement would be coming to this blog, I meant it. Just, err, not yet. SOON!


Short and a touch bitter

Howdy! So... I have a blog now and that makes me super fly, or whatever you youngsters say nowadays. Not. Excuse my ranting, what I really want to get back to is apologizing for being absent from this little baby. Yesterday I was busy shopping for a present for Martina because it is (belatedly) her birthday! Huzzah! Yup. I will reveal what it is later, because I am not a SPOILER. Shame on you, spoilers. Oh right, the apology. Tonight I had a lot of homework beckoning to me after a trip to Sephora, in which I was denied hot pink eyeshadow and a tin of sparkles. Oh well. Now my dad is busy doing this thing called "work" on the other computer, so none of my beautiful pictures today. I can feel your sadness. Right? Excellent.

I've been poring over Fashion Week photos, but nothing seems really appealing. I'm still waiting for something INNOVATIVE and AMAZING. Of course, there are still more big shows to come. Sweetness. I still admire the designers, though, for putting all the incredible detailing and work in to their looks. This look from Richard Chai's Love is really satisfying.

courtesy of style.com

Yeah. I like that all white-ness. Not so much the shoes, though. But how about these from Dolce Vita? Hey. Hey there lil' shoes. I liiiiike you. With that thought, I'm off. Just wanted to tell you guys that the blog has not been abandoned alone by its poor little self. No worries. But... hopefully big improvements are coming!


Number One

Hello! I'm Ruby. (Ignore my awkward introduction). For quite awhile now, I've been following the blog world and finally, I decided (well, I was given permission by the parentals) to make my own blog! The fashion world is growing, and I want to at least make some small contribution. I mean, I really, really love to get dressed. Not to go all philosophical on fashion, but it's a way that I can express myself. Anyhoo, I'll get back to being a blogger and show you what I wore today...

(shirt: Marc Jacobs, skirt: Topshop, belt: J. Crew, shoes: Vans, fish necklace: Scout, Glasses: formerly sunglasses from Aldo, socks: found in my drawer)

I kind of have an issue/obsession with fake glasses, so today I popped the lenses out my old sunglasses to make these:

I tried several times to create this skirt from The Sartorialist (whose book, by the way, is simply gorgeous), but I failed and went with the pink-and-gray theme I've been thinking about lately. Meanwhile, I'm wishing I could be at fashion week, but will compromise for eagerly awaiting to see what Marc Jacobs, Comme de Garcons, and Chanel are turning out in what seems to be a rather uninspired season so far. I am also SUPER JEALOUS of everyone who got to go to Fashion's Night Out. Hrmph. Maybe next year. In the meantime, I hope to be blogging away. My lovely friend Martina, of Chewed Silly Putty, and I have big plans for some collaborative blogging. Well, I'm off to eat homemade macaroni and cheese and watch Fame (the awesomely 80's version), but I really, really, really, really, truly hope that this blog will work out. Adios.