I've simply got to march, my heart's a drummer...

Well, well, well... yet again I promised to blog more and did not. So, for anybody who was wondering (ummm, nobody) here's what I've been wearing while gallivanting about town. NOT. Actually, I was studying for midterms. Ack, stress. But... WINTAAH BREAK! Hurrah! So, maybe (maybeeeeee) I will have more free time to post. Maybe.
So, let's play ketchup (ah, punny) with my outfits.
(harem pants: American Apparel, shirt: Scoop, jacket: Forever 21, shoes: Steve Madden, ring: Tatty Devine)
Yes, yes, tribal pattern mixing and whatnot.

(shirt: Ralph Lauren Kids, bloomers: Tracy Feith for Target, tights: Target, bow: vintage)

(sequined sweater: thrift, dress: American Apparel, bow: vintage)
What I wore on Thanksgiving in Nueva York.

(dress: J. Crew Crewcuts, top: Collective Concepts, belt: vintage, purse: thrift, tights: Target, socks: Betsey Johnson, oxfords: Steve Madden, scarf around wrist: thrift, glasses: Forever 21)
You can't really see all of the pattern in this shot, but I especially like this outfit because it involved my new favorite socks from Betsey Johnson:
I love you, old lady/rose garden/tea party socks.

And finally, what I wore yesterday:
(top: thrift, skirt: sister's, dip-dye tights: Target, shoes: Michael Kors, headband: Forever 21, necklace: gift)
All this pink delights me.
D-d-d-details of the headband:
Pay no attention to my mullet-esque hair, I'm trying to grow it out so I can have a very, very short kind of Amelie/Lynn Yaeger-like bob.
Anyway, this same day my sister happened to be wearing an all purple outfit, so we were matching pink and purple, which inspired us to make a, err, style challenge for ourselves this week to wear color-coordinated outfits (we're pretty much still two years old and want to wear matchy-matchy clothes.) Today it's black and white day, so be prepared for photos later.
(on my sister-- top: mine, skirt: American Apparel)
Awww, look, we (probably) love each other!
That's plenty of me...
Today while reading Oprah Magazine (let's not judge, kids) I came across this quote by Lynn Yaeger (whose style is AMAZING/LEAVES ME SPEECHLESS AND/OR LEAFING THROUGH THE SARTORIALIST BOOK TO FIND EVERY PICTURE OF HER) that really inspires me:
"People ask how I get the courage to walk the streets in, say, a shredded Comme des Garcons coat over a tutu, with metallic orange hair... Though some of my extreme choices have provoked laughter or incredulity, I also get more compliments than I could have imagined. This may be because I live in New York City, where a certain level of eccentricity is appreciated. But I like to believe that no matter where I lived, people would come to respect--maybe even like! admire!--the steps I've taken to create my own nutty, undeniably unique, and for me, deeply satisfying, look."
It's comforting to know that their are other people that want the same things from their individual style.
That's all for now.



Well, I am pretty much the world's worst blogger. I went to New York for Thanksgiving and sorta forgot about the old bloggity-blog. Sorry, blog. Hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving eating yummy things and talking to their balding half-uncle and cooking string beans and dressing up as pilgrims or whatever one is supposed to do on Thanksgiving. I had a smashing time at my parents' friends' (one of whom is a shoe designer for Marc Jacobs, whose entire closet SOLELY DEVOTED TO SHOES I spent much time swooning over) house. Also, I spent lots of time with Martina destroying things in her closet with Sharpie at four in the morning, making quesadillas, applying black lipstick, and doing generally odd stuff... Well, well. I haven't uploaded any photos yet, so that pretty much proves that I am a BAD PERSON. And I'm not so good at this technology stuff. Anyway, back to New York... Did a little shop-a-hopping and ended up with some gray jeans (Martina got them too) from Urban Outifitters/BDG, a Marc Jacobs cheetah print scarf from my mom (I KNOW I KNOW, SO HAPPY), and some absolutely perfectly grandma-esque floral socks from Betsey Johnson, and a birthday bag full of amazingness (big bows, stuffed whales) from Martina. My mom also did a little thrifting back here at home, and found me a lace top and I used a skirt from this old suit as a floor-length plaid skirt--VERY EXCITING. I don't know why I felt the need to write all this, but expect to these in upcoming (hopefully soon) outfit posts. Well, this has been a rather boring, text-heavy post so to sum it up...
Comme De Garcons Spring 2009 (late, I know) Courtesy of Harper's Bazaar