Bow Tie

So I've decided that I NEED one of these bows from the Marc by Marc S/S 2010 show... Not to mention all the clothes, but, uh, maybe I could get an allowance?

I LOVE YOU BOWS! Why don't you just jump off the runway on to my head? Sounds good? Okay, see you soon.

My feeble attempts at making one:

(kimono belt worn as bow: mom's, shirt: John Paul Gaultier Jr.)

Not quite the ultimate perfection that Marc crafted, but an old lady in a cafe told me she liked it and asked if my mother had put it on me so, score for me?
Well looky here, two posts in one day... I think I deserve (dramatic pause) a Marc by Marc Bow!

Surprise, surprise!

Well, well, well. I have been blog-ishly absent for quite awhile. Shocker. Disappointingly, I have such a bad, bad child that all my posts turn into brief, narcissistic recaps and outfit posts. Saddy face. So I promise that this will be the last one! (Umm, for now.) Let's play "Pretend it's the Holidays again so that these outfit posts make sense!" Or not, you choose.

Christmas Eve:

(top: Mom's from Sonia Rykiel, skirt: Thrift, headband: me+Hobby Lobby fake branches)

You can't really tell in this picture, but the skirt is actually plaid. And, no, I didn't go barefoot--I wore some studded heel-boots that I have yet to post pictures of. Oh, and my lovely sis is wearing a handmade hand-me-down from a friend.


(shirt: John Paul Gaultier Jr., tutu: Kaiya Eve, faux-pearl necklace (worn as belt): Marc Jacobs)

Speaking of which, how was your Christmas? Mine was splendiferous. Oh, what's that in my hand? Oh, nothing... JUST THE DIANA CAMERA I HAVE WANTED FOR SO LONG. NO BIG DEAL. Is it wrong that a camera is my new best friend? I SURE HOPE NOT.

And New Year's Eve:

To end 2009, I made an elaborate headpiece inspired by a futuristic beauty shoot in V Magazine. It was time-consuming (do you know how many magazine have black and white pictures? Apparently not that many!) but totally worth it. I attached the image to flimsy cardboard and then to a head band so that I could get the whole coming-down-over-my-ear effect. It kept sliding over my eyes, but I liked it so much I was willing to impair my vision. Small price to pay. And, yes, the Griswolds from "Vacation" are hanging out somewhere above my right eye.

Oh yes, yes. I got a haircut!

These were taken right after I got it cut so it looks nice and shiny and straight (not like I spent about 3 seconds on it and then frantically ran out to the car, like most mornings) but it's all together more like a bob. Very flapper-style. I like it a lot. Also thinking of dying my blonde bangs light pink after seeing a ton of pink hair in this month's Vogue. Opinions?

Well, my absence ended with a fun weekend with my lovely friend who also happens to have a very lovely camera... I wanted to share some of the pictures we took!

And a full shot of that outfit...

(jeans: sister's, t-shirt: DIY-ed Blondie+Marc Jacobs, peter-pan collar button down: uniform store, sweater: Rugby Ralph Lauren, shoes: Liberty Fabrics for Nike, green coat: Christmas gift, white coat: friend's)

I have barely taken off this Rugby Ralph Lauren sweater since I got it on Christmas, especially because I was DESPERATELY in need of something with varsity letters... Okay, maybe not, but this sweater has my initials and a bee patch-- LOVE. Also, this is a rare outfit because I am wearing jeans and a t-shirt, which almost never happens. The other day, my friend who I've known since I moved here about 2 years ago said that she had never seen me wear plain blue jeans... Ha! I am strangely proud. Also, I'm not throwing a snowball, but a shiny, white plastic apple which I plan on making into a headpiece. Very exciting. That's all for now-- and I promise the next post will be about inspirationz and lots of other not-so-much pictures of me stuff.

P.S. In my last post I mentioned black-and-white day with my sister. Here it is:
(on me- shirt: DIY, skirt: thrift tailored by me, leggings: sister's, hat: my Grandfather's hand-me-down. on my sister- shirt: Gap kids, pants: H&M, headband: Forever 21)