Okay, okay... I haven't posted in over a month, but in my defense, I have been insanely busy. It all started on Columbus day when I went to New York for my lovely pal's birthday party! Unfortunately, I did not get much time in the city because we were up in Woodstock--but the weather was beautiful and OH MY LAWDY IT WAS SO MUCH FUN! I only have a couple of pictures, but the ones my friends to are AH-MAZING, so I'll see if I can post them.

At Storm King Sculpture Gardens. If you have never been, GO. NOW. Not that you can see what I'm wearing, but... (jeans: Forever 21, sweater: J.Crew, faux-fur vest: Target, shoes: Nike and Liberty Fabrics for Opening Ceremony)

Yes, I did end up wearing jeans most of the time, seeing as some of my other outfits sort of hinder my movement outdoors. However, I insisted upon wearing this beast of a vest all weekend.

(vest: Target, glasses: DIY Aldo, flowers: random nearby bush)
Oh my, that's a creepy face.

I had one evening in the city, though, where I made it to both Topshop and Kidrobot! Everything from Topshop was out of my price range, shall we say, but at Kidrobot I picked up this little ring from Tatty Devine.

It makes me happy.

Other than that, I have been incessantly rehearsing our school play-- Pride and Prejudice, I'm Miss Bingley. No really, pretty much every waking moment I've been in the theater memorizing lines. Tonight is closing night, so I'm quite sad...

My costume on nights when I'm an extra instead of Ms.Bingley. It makes me a ninja.

Also, also, also IT WAS HALLOWEEN! YAYAYAYAY! I believe I already explained about this is a SPLENDIFOROUS holiday. Not to mention, my friend Emma flew from New York to visit! My Karl costume was lovely, except I got Michael Jackson multiple times, along with Men in Black and Cool guy from the 80's. No, my suburban children, no. Karl frowns upon you.

Personally, I liked the subtle humor of this costume, but lots of people said they missed my labor-intensive giant squid costume from last year.

Hard to say, hard to say...

Emma and I had a wonderful time vintage shopping and frolicking about eating mega-chocolate-chip waffles. I recycled my Karl jacket the next day for this outfit:
(jacket: Forever 21, shirt: DIY Sonic Youth for Marc Jacobs, skirt: Topshop, tights: Target, shoes: vintage, bow: H&M)

Well, this been a sufficiently narcissistic and photo-heavy recap of the last month, so sorry folks. I promise to be a better blogger!