What I wore:
(dress: Rodarte for Target; scarf: Marc Jacobs; tie worn as belt: Target; socks, glasses, and bow: Forever 21, shoes: Mom's, bag: thrift)

A multitude of cheetah prints...

And the shoes! I love these so much! My mom never really wore them, so she passed them on to me. They are PERFECTION. The straps are a really dark denim and they are so espadrille-y, so... They rule.

You may have noticed the photo appearance of my furry toy, Andre, in the background who is currently being used to block pesky winter drafts from coming though the space between doors. He's a hard worker.

My favorite part of this Rodarte for Target dress is the bows on the back because:
b) They have a sort of vaguely skeletal effect because they go up my spine, which I like.

That's my mom in the background now. She's also a hard worker.

When I went to look at the Rodarte stuff a Target, my reaction was something like "HEY! OHMYGAWDOHMYGAWDOHMYGAWD IT'S FINALLY HERE!" followed by a blank and slightly pitiful look from the woman who was in the next aisle. I was really excited for this dress, but they only had it in a size 7, so I have to belt it which kinda gives it structured hips like that Balenciaga S/S 2008 collection that everybody loved, so it's all good.

Anyway, I can't believe fashion week is here again! It feels like everybody is still talking about fall's shows, but I can't wait to see new ideas! I wish I could be back in New York with all the excitement. I mean, with all this (sweater skirts, grandma/schoolboy button-downs, arm warmers, and grey boots) going on at Richard Chai Love already, it's looking to be a good week.

Eagerly awaiting.

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