I'm sorry for (more) absence, but it's been ridiculously busy-- between the crew team, marine biology expeditions, and ughSCHOOLugh my poor little blog was ignored. Of course, I followed all the fashion weeks, I just spend more time reading other blogs than using my own... Perhaps I'll do a little recap of my favorites later on.
It's a gorgeous day, so I decided I'd take a quick break from doing "homework" (lying in a lawn chair) to document a little change...
Pre-Spring weather:

(dress: T by Alexander Wang, jacket: Marc by Marc Jacobs, belt and socks: ?, shoes: cowboy boot warehouse, sunglasses: Forever 21, crazy eyebrows: Star Trek)

OKREALQUICKSTORYTIME: Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ruby who was in the basement of a thrift-y place. She saw a gray t-shirt sticking out of a box and so, considering her fondness for gray t-shirts, she pulled it out. Then she saw that the label said T by Alexander Wang, had a brief heart attack, fell on the floor, kissed the shirt(dress), did a little jig, and bought it for two dollars.
Ahem, back to the post...

Spring weather:

(shirt: Grandfather's, jeans: Abercrombie, bow and socks: Forever 21, shoes: Mom's)

A little denim-on-denim-on denim inspired by Chloe S/S 2010.
Now, back to my very important lawn chair...



  1. I tried to comment on this yesterday, but it didn't work!
    I love your outift so much it looks like something out of Grease!